Blog 17

The final portfolio is still at the planning phase. Other wise everything else is going well but the only problem that I am having is to show my corrections on the essay. I don’t know what I am changing and so far I don’t have any techniques or strategies at the time.


Blog 16

The final portfolio is coming along okay. The issues are is that I don’t know what I want to work on for composing my final portfolio. I know that I am going to be working on composition 1 and I am going to be adding more things and going to fix my work cited. So far I am looking it over and trying to come across how to fix all my errors.

Blog 15

For the final portfolio I am planning to fix my mistakes from composition 1 and probably add more and try to make my claim much stronger. The other one I have not decided yet because I would like to wait until I receive my grade back for composition 4 when I submit it.As of now I don’t know what my plan is but it is coming along.


Blog Numero 14

For the my final portfolio I am planning to work on composition 2 and 3 because I can try to make it more convincing. The reason why these two is because I want to work on projects and try to fix and rearrange everything of how they are.

Blog 13

So far my research isn’t going quite as well as it was for composition3 and my old research was much more helpful for that than for my new one. The old research that isn’t working is when I found some debates last time about my topic and that was a little helpful before and now it isn’t that helpful. The medium support that I’m trying to look for is that the general education requirements are very helpful and their are not many great researches about that.

Blog 12

The major shifts that I’m taking is how I am going to put composition 3 into an essay and that I am going to do more research to get different examples. I am going for the same argument as I did in composition 3 for composition 4. The similarities is that ┬ámy argument stays the same and the difference would me the examples that I am going to have to come up with. The difficulties that I am coming across is what I should be talking about in my 5 body paragraphs. The easiness that I am coming across that general education requirements are helpful to students. There is not better mode and I am still looking for more into this process.

Blog 11

For composition 4 I do not know what my argument is but it will be similar and more detailed more than composition 3. My audience is to all undeclared students unlike composition 3 when I was focused on freshmen. The argument would probably be more meaningful because this time I am going to give the right example.